Hello!Lucky giveaway

Some of you may have already checked out Hello!Lucky‘s pretty new site, but did you know that they now offer digital printing?  Its a great, cost effective alternative to letterpress, and with Hello!Lucky, you’re still getting the awesome designs.  This week, they’re letting me give away $50 towards any order on their website!  Just leave a comment below with your favorite design and they’ll pick a winner to be announced on Friday! [in case you were curious, my favorite is the New York save the date above]

[images from Hello!Lucky]

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  1. Steph

    Such beautiful designs! It’s a tough choice but I love the Naturalist best. I’m a big fan of your blog- thanks!

  2. I discovered Hello Lucky a few weeks ago and LOVE their work. I read through their entire blog over two days just because I think they are so right on in their design tastes. Their are a bunch of Valentine cards that I think are fantastic. In a dream world I would take the “Elephant Smooch” graphic as my wedding invitation any day – my fiance used to be in the circus.

  3. Bonnie

    Love L’Oiseau! It’s hard to choose one design, but that fits our style and our colors are chocolate and green.

  4. The digital bloom! Love it!

  5. Valerie B.

    I love Hello!Lucky’s work but we couldn;t fit it in our budget. Now that they have the digital line, we’ll have to give this company another look!!! 🙂 There are so many beautiful designs but I have to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the entire cherry blossom suite. It’s simple and whimsical yet elegant. Love it!

  6. Christine

    I adore the Classic Cowboy wedding invitations in Bluebell & Lucky Red! My fiance and I are getting married in an informal, mountain ceremony and these are prefect for our event. Letterpress invites were simply out of our budget and it was such a relief to find a FANTASTIC retro design in digital printing. Thanks, Hello Lucky!

  7. Brianna

    I adore French Deco in Blossom & Coal! It has such a vintage yet modern feel!

  8. Elise

    It’s a tough decision, but right now I’m loving the warm feeling of the Home Sweet Home design. Letterpress would be great, but for our budget, we’re hoping to get the digital print version.

  9. Lacy J

    I LOVE the Visit New York invitation set! We are having a destination wedding in New York and would love to incorporate this design! It evokes the vintage feel, the atmosphere, the unique architecture and fits with the casual and fun atmosphere we are going for! I also love that a variety of paper products can be created with the same design! Hello! Lucky is awesome!

  10. They are all so lovely that it is hard to choose just one…but gun to my head, I think I would have to go with the Visit San Francisco invitation/save the date. (Do you think they’d customize an Oakland skyline for me?)

  11. My favorite is the Sophisticate save the date in curry and coal- I’m just not sure which I love more, the design or the colors.

  12. bicoastalbride

    i love the new york skyline wedding invitation, in coal! we live in los angeles, but we’re getting married in new york and this invitation would suit us and our wedding to a tee!

  13. Hillary

    I LOVE the city skyline invitations. Oh how I hope that they’ll create one with an Austin skyline!!

  14. Lammy

    Vintage Bloom is my favorite. If there was a sound effect to the blooming flowers sprawling across the card..it would be a sweet pop pop pop. Light and fun.

  15. Marte

    I just love the Classic Cowboy invitations and Save the dates!! The champagne and chocolate colors are especially classy, which contrasts nicely with the whimsical nature of the invitations.

  16. Michelle

    I love, love, love the New York City skyline invitiation. I am thinking green as one of my colors and so I’m happy the sample was shown in that color. I have already bookmarked this site and will definitely be coming back to buy my invitations when the time comes! Yay 🙂

  17. margaret

    i would use the san francisco skyline as my moving announcements

  18. digital = BRILLIANT recession-busting karate chop of a move! i’m also LOVING the ny ones as well as the little taxi cab ones too! <3 <3 <3!

  19. bean

    I love the layered look of the Mediterranean invite. Although runner up would be the simple Oak invitation since we’re getting married under an oak tree!

  20. Ros

    I had the pleasure of meeting Hello! Lucky co-founder Sabrina Moyle at a wedding fair in San Francisco this past weekend and she was absolutely adorable. I was so wow’d by her and their portfolio that I ended up ordering the Visit San Francisco cards for my save-the-date cards. Bravo!

  21. suzie

    love “home sweet home.” we’re getting married on a farm and that tree is just so appropriate!

  22. Melissa

    I adore the Malaga series. My fiance and I spent a semester abroad in Spain, and the simple, sophisticated design is just perfect for our wedding in Texas.

  23. Chris

    How’d you know the New York save the date was the best??

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  25. Melissa

    I love the New York design…perfect for my fiance and I who are planning to get married in NY. I think it creates a little excitement for all those out of town guests traveling to the big city

  26. Lauren B

    so hard to choose! I love mod bird, sophisticate, and horseshoe!!

  27. Natalie

    I have had a really hard time finding an invitation that strikes the right balance. Not too busy but not too plain. Some graphic interest, but not something overdesigned.
    Something that is elegant and classy, but not something too severe. My invitation budget is that one area that my fiance and I kept decreasing, so that has added to the challenge.

    However, I really, really love the Medjool in coal. It just strikes all the right notes for me. I especially love the font — it’s stong, classy, and modern. I am very hopeful that this invitation will work out for me, and that my fiance will like it. We need to get something printed soon!

  28. I love the Chrysanthemum stationery… especially the green! It is too cute. Although, I think I would take any of it. There are so many great designs.

  29. Sonya

    I have been obsessing about the Medjool design for weeks now! Including spending too much time playing with the customization tool… It’s a great view of classic Persian/Indian designs through a Western eye–which really fits our Indian/Irish wedding.

  30. Kara

    My favorite is the Sweetheart design — especially since it comes in our wedding colors (red and pool blue). Our reception is at an old amusement park and I’ve hard a hard time finding lighthearted, yet sophisticated, invitations. The sweetheart design definitely fits the bill. Plus the coordinating save-the-date and rsvp cards are fabulous!

  31. Anaya

    I love the L’Oiseau invitations in lake and spring for our garden wedding!!

  32. beaninca

    mi amour is what i love

  33. Lindsay H

    I am in love with the grapevine or the oak letterpress invites…we are having a ‘Ralph Lauren’ style wedding in the wine country on a ranch with oak trees– no joke!

  34. Rebecca

    I’m feeling some strong ‘Classic Cowboy’ in bluebell/lucky red love! That terrific design emits the vibe of our upcoming wedding. –Kind’a funky yet classic, kind’a laid back yet thoughtful and extremely fun and memorable. Your work is lovely.

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