Guest post: Neon geometric inspiration from The Knotty Bride

If you like a little hilarity with your wedding inspiration, Alison over at The Knotty Bride is the place for you!

Hi friendlies!  Alison here.  The plan is to inspire the crap out of your faces today with some colorful , so put your inspiration helmets on and buckle up.

I dig Vané of Brooklyn Bride because she offer something very unique; wedding and event inspiration and design that boasts a cool, modern edge.  So I tried my hand at gathering together some modern-ish style and know what I found gets *my* heart pumping; here’s hoping it has a similar effect on yours.

The decor inspo I gathered has everything to do with two trends I’m positively consumed by right now.  I love the geometric trend, and I’m getting a real kick out of the neon trend.  I know I’m just one of a buttload of kids out there obsessed with those two things, but that’s never stopped me from adoring something before. 🙂  Seems to make sense that if something becomes a trend it’s because enough people enjoyed the f**k out of it in its beginnings to cause it to spread like wildfire.  AMIRITE?  Ok putting the trend-following apologist in me aside, I’m really glad to have been able to share some of my fave finds within those two styles and hopefully I’ve inspired the trendster inside of you. 😉

xoxo!  – Alison (The Knotty Bride)


pink planters DIY / rings on etsy / neon painted driftwood (various) / Waterstone neon succulents / triangle notebook

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  1. amazing idea! these rings are so nice

  2. I love this neon geometric combo !
    Thank you so much Alison for choosing one of my notebook and including it in this so pretty selection. I love all the items you picked ! It really helps forget the rainy days we have over here !
    Thanks again !

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