What does it mean? Vané + Chad

“What does it mean?” is the second post in a continuing series where we ask a blogger how they used their wedding as an expression of their union with their significant other. Today we are honored to hear from Vané Broussard, the creator and writer of Brooklyn Bride.

Its hard to pick 1 meaningful part of our wedding, but I think if I had to, it wasn't anything we did ourselves.  It was the sheer amazingness of our guests who had traveled near and far to celebrate with us!  While the wedding was in Brooklyn, we had guests who came from all over the US and as far as Japan, Australia, and Egypt!  It was so humbling to have them all there, but the best part was having them let their hair down in the “faux-to” booth we had set up outside the reception….the pictures taken there are some of our favorites from the whole day because they captured the fun we wanted everyone to have!  Those are the moments I think we'll cherish the most.

Thank you, Vané!

by Brittany Watson Jepsen of The House That Lars Built

[Photography by Belathée Photography]

  1. Such a nice pictures! Congratulations! I want not casual weddings too..I would like to have such a nicely crazy photo session too! I am thinking a lot about all the details. Have idea to create wedding buttons 🙂 but funny one’s. Still not sure about design but found the place where I can order them
    (link in my name). What do you think? Maybe someone has some more ideas?