Join team BB!

It’s always nice to get some fresh faces into the mix, so we’re looking to expand our team.  We’re particularly looking for weekly and monthly contributors covering DIY, product roundups, inspiration shoots, etc.  You don’t have to be in the wedding industry to apply; we love seeing weddings from a design point of view!   If you’re interested, drop us a line with CONTRIBUTOR as the subject, your info, link to your blog, ideas for columns you’d be interested in writing, and why you think you’d be the perfect fit.  You’ll need to have a strong modern aesthetic, knowledge in WordPress and Photoshop, and be able to have access to a photographer or be able to take professional looking pictures (particularly for DIY projects).  If you’ve applied before, please feel free to send your info again!

Looking forward to hearing from you!  We’ll keep looking til we find the perfect candidate(s)!

[image via Pinterest, any idea who the original source is?]

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  1. Alina

    Are you taking submissions from around the world, i.e. do you need to be in Brooklyn?? Thanks!

  2. you can be from anywhere!

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