Minted holiday card giveaway

I know, I know, its only October, but when it comes to holiday cards, you really have to start early….especially if you want a chance to win some personalized ones from Minted!  This year they’ve introduced triple thick paper, which is absolutely amazing to hold in your hand, and now you can even customize your cards with different die-cut shapes.  With all the new designs, I know it will be hard to pick your favorites, but there are definitely plenty to choose from.

3 readers have a chance to win 50 holiday cards each on the new triple thick paper…just leave a quick comment below with your favorite Holiday card design and the winners will be announced on Friday!  THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED

[images from Minted]

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  1. Meredith Candela

    Year in a nutshell is super cute!

  2. deebs

    love the partridge in a pear tree…and minted 🙂

  3. Rebecca Hansen

    I LOVE the modern joy card in red with the triangles. It’s so hard to pick a favorite though! So many great options.

  4. Kimberley

    It’s really hard to choose, but I think a year in a nutshell would be fun to send out this year!

  5. Kristen Case

    I love the retro snow day holiday non-photo cards!

  6. vanessa

    Nutshell is my fave

  7. Michelle C

    love the Cheers to You holiday card!

  8. cw

    LOVE the twinkle twinkle design

  9. christine

    i love the “may your days be merry” card the most! ♥

  10. tk

    “Sketchbook Foliage Holiday” is my favorite!

  11. Tina

    I like the mistletoe kiss holiday photo cards!!!

  12. Erin

    I love the holiday globe card!

  13. Jessie

    LOVE the partridge in a pear tree. thanks for the opportunity! 🙂 love your blog.

  14. Nicole

    Such a fab giveaway! I love the Be Joyful photo card!!!

  15. Lynsy

    I love the Merry Typography card!

  16. Julie

    may your days be merry
    like this one

  17. maureen

    this would be perfect! i love minted!

  18. miriam

    I love the “be joyful” picture card, so cute.

  19. Alli

    I love the Etched Holiday card, the Year in a Nutshell, and the Sketched Foliage card! so much fun!

  20. Julie

    have the winners been announced yet ? thansk

  21. Tory

    I love the Partridge in a Pear Tree design!

  22. Hanna

    So many great options! I really like “a Wonderful Life”.

  23. TriRall

    love how the joy card references the joy of cooking book!

  24. Rebecca

    I love the Twenty 12 in a nutshell!

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