Envelope liner ideas

Though the invitation is the star of the show, a good envelope liner can add some spice to the invitation suite. You can personalize your suite by cutting out a piece of paper to the size you want it and simply glue stick it in or try some of the options above like a beautiful paper like the florals (above left), or using maps of your destination (above right), or a coordinating tissue paper (bottom left) or a glitter paper for that extra sparkel (bottom right).

floral  |  map  |  tissue  | glitter

by Brittany Watson Jepsen of The House That Lars Built 

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  1. Some people don’t notice envelope liners, but I looove them. It’s an overlooked spot where you can show a lot of style and personality.

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  3. I adore the glitter lining, how beautiful!

  4. Wonderful, I would certainly be absolutely thrilled if I were to receive one of these letters!

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