Win a photobooth for your wedding from Oh Snap! Smile

Get ready to get excited!  If you've wanted a photobooth for your wedding reception but have been put off with the extra expense, then this is the giveaway for you. Thanks to Oh Snap! Smile, you can now have that photobooth*!  What you'll be getting:

A Happy Hour photobooth from Oh Snap! Smile which includes:

  • Push button photobooth with live feedback on LCD screen
  • Up to 3 hours of shoot time
  • White or black backdrop (or you can provide your own)
  • All photos delivered digitally

Leave a comment below with how you'd jazz up your photobooth…props, backdrops, themes, whatever!  A winner will be announced on Friday.  Good luck!

*Service area for the Happy Hour Booth includes Manhattan south of 80th Street, Brooklyn west of Prospect Park, and the western edge of Queens.  This offer is good for 1 year after the contest starts, and only for weddings within the service area outlined above.

[image from Oh Snap! Smile]

  1. Kristen Case

    My fiance is a Canadian who likes to believe he’s an old British man – so our booth would be full of monocles, top hats, canes and pocket watches, for both the ladies and the men to enjoy. I know moustaches are overdone sometimes, but it would be perfect for our “Fancy” theme. We would even have a little sign that says “You Look Brilliant!” so our guests could feel confident in front of the camera. If we wanted, we could also have lacy gloves or fans for the women. This photobooth would be perfect for my wedding in Queens! Our ceremony is at a film museum, so this helps keep the theme of “moving images” in a way.

  2. Lisa C

    Where to begin?! I’m a little bit country and my fiance is all the way industrial so our wedding is a unique combination of country plaids with clean accents. Although we may differ on our styles one thing we LOVE is photos of those that we love. So any background whether it is fabric and tassels galore with chalkboard props to allow guests to add their thoughts to our photos or a clean and cool solid fabric backdrop with fun accessories like 80’s style sunglasses, fringed noisemakers and confetti… we will have have fun and this would definitely add to it!

  3. My fiance and I are total foodies! I recently saw a photo booth with really goofy food items and I think I would want to do the same. Make huge stuffed pizzas, bagels, tacos, etc. All our favorite things!

  4. Taylor

    This is a great giveaway!

    My fiance is Australian and I’m American so it would be so much fun to play that up in a photobooth. We already own our respective flags so would just need some cut-outs of kangaroos, nyc taxicabs, Aussie/New Yorker slang bubbles (
    “Forgeheggaboutit”, “G’day mate”). I’d also love to have a blank chalkboard for people to write messages!

  5. Michelle C

    if you can handle getting to Staten Island (its a borough people!) than id love to go all out with sparkles and specs. both my fiancee and i rock the four-eyed look, and we’d love to see our guests in glasses as well. another fun idea, would be to have two spots to stand in front of teh camera “stand here so we can see your smile” “stand here so we can see your shoes” full length/faces up-close. love the idea of a photobooth!

  6. Kimberley

    My Fiance and I are both in the photo industry so a photo booth at our wedding is a given. We’re already collecting props to give our booth a custom feel- statue of liberty crowns, vintage cameras, glasses cutout and more. Would love to win a photo booth!

  7. Suzy

    I’d love to create a really unique backdrop for the photobooth, possibly with a silhouette of the NYC skyline. I’d then like to add some costume fun, but would prefer to change it up from the typical photobooth cache of glasses and mustaches. Why not have a godzilla costume to crush the aforementioned skyline? Or, possibly, go classy and have some fun dressing up a la the 1920s (which is a subtle theme in our wedding).

  8. I love the idea of having a photo booth at your wedding. Looking back, I wish I had one at mine.

  9. Mae

    I am a textile designer, and my fiance is an architect/installation designer. We created a beautiful installation made of folded aluminum panels. They would be the perfect backdrop for a fabulous wedding photo booth. Super modern and fun! We are getting married in Brooklyn in 3 weeks so winning this would be the ULTIMATE~!! thanks Oh Snap Smile!

  10. This is great! I love the idea of a photo booth but at the moment it’s out of our budget. My fiance and I both work in arts/entertainment so we have some pretty wacky friends who would no doubt produce some hilarious photos! I’d gather up any and everything- hats, wigs, glasses, costumes, chalkboards to write on, etc. Thanks for a GREAT giveaway!

  11. marisa

    i would love this! i always wanted a gold wedding dress, but settled on good ol’ ivory so i would want gold, gold and more gold as the backdrop. either that or we could set it up in the speakeasy at the green building where we are getting married! fingers crossed.


  12. Tara

    We’d LOVE to have a photobooth at our wedding, though unfortunately it’s out of our budget right now. Our first picture together was actually in a photobooth! We’re hoping that our wedding has a real Manhattan feel– it has gorgeous views of the Brooklyn Bridge, so I would love to play that up with fun NYC memorabilia– Statue of Liberty hats/torches, I <3 NY items, some Empire State Building figurines, etc. I think there's so much we can do with this, and I'd love to get the chance to try!

  13. Stephanie

    I would absolutely LOVE to have a photobooth at my wedding next fall! My fiance and I have been thinking about getting one but it might not fit in the budget. I’d love to raid 99 cent stores and halloween costume stores for ridiculous props to help my guests take the silliest pictures possible!

  14. Sarah De Heer

    How exciting! For six months my fiance and I would stare at each other in our office elevator, not saying a word. Finally, one day I said, “hello.” Our backdrop would reflect that – a clip art-ish image of an elevator. An elevator takes you to different places and so do photos. In terms of props, we’d keep them simple. We’re both in the food industry so we’d mix things up with spatulas, tongs, funky oven mits and whisks.

  15. Nicole

    My sweet fiancé and I met one cold evening in Chicago, and our very first photo was in a photo booth all bundled up with winter hats and parkas! We are getting married about 3 blocks from that photo booth, but hopefully it will be much warmer (we are getting married August 31st, 2013!). I would love to incorporate some funny props, including winter hats…just like we did on that special night almost 5 years ago!

    Our venue has the perfect spot for a photo booth…but we could really use some help paying for one. 🙂 Oh Snap Smith would be PERFECT!

  16. James

    My fiance (and I) would love this as an upgrade to our current “photobooth,” which is really just a polaroid camera. In terms of props, as the token male commenting, I’m going to vote for sports apparel, such as helmets, hats, and other equipment.

  17. A photobooth! We definitely can’t afford one at our wedding but how fun! My husband to be is an illustrator and if we won the photobooth for our wedding night, he would illustrate portraits of famous couples throughout history and make them into masks for people to wear! Think JFK/Jackie-O, Lucy and Ricky, Grumpy farmer couple in American Gothic! Just to name a few!

  18. Kate

    My fiance and I are getting married in Brooklyn next winter and would love a photobooth at our reception! We would use a big map of Brooklyn as a backdrop and a variety of glasses, scarves and hats as props.

  19. Mel

    Armenian bridal headdresses for everyone! I’m serious. I’m one-hundred percent Armenian but my fiancé is from a wonderful WASP-y family who can trace their roots to Benjamin Franklin. When I was a kid, my mother used to dress me and my sisters up in traditional Armenian wedding costumes for Halloween or events like International Day at school, and the dresses were always accompanied by elaborate, colorful, textured, bejeweled headdresses complete with ridiculous long fake braided pigtails (made of black yarn, naturally), about three feet long on each side, attached to the head piece. The head pieces were these lovely round bands of satin with strings of gold coins resting on the forehead. I’d love to see my new WASP-y in-laws and all our friends, Armenian and American, get into the spirit by donning these in the photo booth. I’d mean it to be both beautiful and playful.

  20. Dani McLaughlin

    We’re getting married at MyMoon in BK in June and I already know the perfect spot for our photobooth…if we win it! I’ve thought about various props – I’m from NZ, my fiance’s from NY, so some cross-cultural paraphernalia might be fun. Also, we met at a lawyer’s event, which my fiance cheerfully refers to as looking like “the bar from Star Wars,” so I also thought some light sabers or Princess Leia buns might be appropriate. Mostly though, I think we would want to use it as our electronic guest book, so folks could write a message to us on a chalk board, have their photo snapped, and we’d have that image and those well wishes forever.

  21. Gavi

    The photobooth would be for my brother and brother-in-law-to-be (I would LOVE to surprise them with this!)! They are getting married in NYC in January, and they are dying to have a photobooth at their wedding but they can’t quite find room in their budget. If they were to win, they would provide some awesome props–mustaches, chalkboards for messages, crazy hats and sunglasses, feather boas and sequin tops, pirate hats and swords–and a backdrop of the Manhattan skyline. I hope I can give them this gift!

  22. Lili

    We’re having our wedding in the gorgeous Ace Hotel and a location with that amazing backdrop means the photobooth is going to be full of “old-timey” accents and handlebar moustaches!

  23. What a great contest! We’re having a pretty budget wedding but making the best out of it and trying to snazz things up in a DIY kind of fashion. My fiance really wanted a photo booth, but it’s one of those extras that we can’t realistically afford…so I would love to surprise him with one! Would make his day.

    We’ve done some daydreaming already and I’m a marine biology student and my fiance is a guy who loves fishing, so we thought it would be so fun to make a cool underwater backdrop and have the props be varied: scuba headgear, snorkels, fish lips, shark fins, etc.

    This would be great- thanks for the chance!

  24. Amber L.

    I’m getting married in June and my fiancé and I both live spicy food, so that has become a bit of a theme as we plan our wedding. We might even serve a cocktail with habanero pepper in it. I think it would be fun I serve shots of an extra-spicy cocktail to people going into the photo booth (if they wish to partake) to have their pictures snapped as they react to the heat — it would be fun and different, and leave a trail of amazing, unposed pictures.

  25. Rebecca

    Since my fiancee and I will more than likely be running around everywhere during the wedding, we’ll have cardboard cutouts of our faces for guests to pose with. That way we can ensure that every guest is able to get a photo with us! It’ll actually be pretty funny to see what type of poses people end up doing with the cutouts! We’re planning to marry at Queens County Farm Museum in June so we would also incorporate a farm theme. We would have different animal traits for people to wear in their photos (pig noses, bunny ears, rabbit teeth, pitch forks, farmer hats…).

    After the wedding I will use a photo from each guest to create a collage on the thank you cards. I think it’ll be a great and personal way to show our appreciation for having the most important people surround us on such a special day.

    I’ve always loved the idea of having a photobooth at my wedding but haven’t given it any serious thought as I know we can’t afford it. This would be an amazing opportunity to get my wedding wish! Fingers crossed!!!

  26. Terence

    My fiancé and I are huge book people – the pretense for our first date was a “book club” (which consisted of two people), and we are getting married in a beautiful old medical library in the city. We would decorate the backdrop with a timeless black & white city backdrop, and provide literary (and some not-so-literary) themed props (sherlock holmes’s cap, harry potter’s wand & glasses, and batman’s mask)!

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