Mélangerie Wedding Geneologies

I met Elana and Julie of Mélangerie a few weeks ago at the Pronovias/Always a Bridesmaid event, and afterwards had a chance to check out their website.  I loved the idea of these wedding geneologies displayed at the reception, so that everyone can know how everyone is related in the bigger scheme of things…its like 6 degrees of separation, but bridal style!  Makes for a lovely keepsake after the day too.

[images from Mélangerie]

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  1. These are great! Such a cute idea!

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  3. I love these!

  4. carak

    such a neat idea! i love the key/legend on the chart. especially the icons they used for cousins, godparents, childhood friends, etc.

  5. I love anything at a wedding that tells me more about who is there.

  6. everytime i see this chart on the web (and my brother’s name on it) it gives me chills.


  7. D

    Love the six degree thing…so fun!

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