What does it mean? Alison and Eric

What does it mean? Alison and Eric 1

What does it mean?” is a continuing series where we ask a blogger how they brought meaning into their wedding. Today we are honored to hear from Alison Faulkner and her husband, Eric Robertson. Alison is the one woman show of The Alison Show, a blog and series of DIYs.

“My husband and I are very different, but we both place a lot of value in two things: creativity and making others feel included. I think we brought meaning to our wedding by showcasing our creative talents, and by creating what is still talked about (almost 5 years later) as an epic dance party.

My husband is a composer and musician, so at our wedding he played the song he wrote and used to propose to me. He played it on a keyboard for all of our guests, and the parts he couldn’t play live, he recorded digitally. I loved watching my friend’s and family be in awe of his talent, a talent I continue to be in awe of.

What does it mean? Alison and Eric 2

“I’ve worked in advertising, design, and now write mostly about crafts and how to party with style. I didn’t want just a wedding; I wanted a full-blown conceptual masterpiece. We went for “Lovebirds” concept with a 1940’s feel to reflect my vintage engagement ring. I was able to put my creative touches on almost every detail, with the help of the wedding planner so I wouldn’t turn into a crazy dictator. I worked with so many creative geniuses that the whole thing turned into a creative love fest, and this was really meaningful to me. I loved hearing people “ooh” and “aww” at all the little touches.

At the wedding dinner the night before the wedding, we taught all of the wedding party and relatives a choreographed dance, and this was KEY in getting everyone up and dancing when it was time to party. That and I think the invitations telling people they were coming to “Eat, love and boogie” didn’t hurt either.

Looking back I’m so glad I reached out for help even though planning and crafting are things I love so much. If I hadn’t asked for help I would have been too wrapped up in the details and crafts and I would have forgotten about the people. And that’s what a wedding’s all about, right? People coming together and having a giant love fest.”

Thank you, Alison and Eric, for being a part of “What does it mean?

by Brittany Watson Jepsen of The House That Lars Built