Introducing Luvocracy!

I think most of you by now are pretty obsessed with Pinterest, and you KNOW I am, so I wanted to introduce you to a new way to shop called Luvocracy!  Its essentially an online shop curated by tastemakers from around the web, and I’m so happy to have been invited to be one of them.  You’ll see my picks from beauty to baby, furniture to fashion, and lots in between (including weddings!)…its actually been kinda nice to have a place to put all the non-weddingy stuff that I love and be able to work in some of my interior design day job into the mix.  The best part is you plug in your credit card once and will never have to put it in again no matter what you’re buying as long as its on Luvocracy.  They’ll also take care of returns if it doesn’t work out, and will find it at another shop if its sold out….they’re like your personal shopping concierge (especially great now that the holidays are around the corner)!  Best part is, when you join and start creating boards of your own, you’ll have a chance to make commissions on anything people buy from your recommendations!

Currently its invite only, but click here to get hooked up!

[images via Luvocracy]

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