1. Great use of the oranges! The pictures are very dynamic and we can feel the positive energy and vibes coming towards us as readers and visitors. I love your blog!

  2. Beautiful! I see lots of 2013’s color of the year in here. 🙂 Dig the palette of emerald, orange and teal together. Really fresh!

    Must remember to pass this on to my husband, because he’s really been into the pants-cuffing look lately but hasn’t quite figured out how to pull it off…

  3. Amazing photography and a great couple to make engagement shots for! Even if coming apart, the turquoise walls makes the perfect backdrop for the joy the couple is spreading.
    It’s not a surprise that I love the shot where the bride just throws the oranges into the air…

  4. kelly

    So cool to see our shoot on Brooklyn Bride! Love your blog… We had so much fun with Whitney and Dustin of Oh Darling. They were open to our ideas for the shoot but also had a lot of their own great ideas. Our faces hurt because we couldn’t stop smiling and laughing the whole time.

  5. greg mullendore

    That’s my daughter, Kelly, and her fiancee, Noah. I’ve been taking photos of her for years, with some really nice results. However, these engagement photos have a certain energy about them. Wonderful, simple, creative, and I cannot help but smile whenever I see them. Great results!!!

  6. Natasha G.

    Amazing shoot, beautiful couple…Noah is a fellow social worker and former classmate…photographer did an amazing job. Wishing you two allthe blessing and joy.

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