Hello Handmade giveaway

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could send one of these darling cards from Hello Handmade to someone you love? And wouldn’t it be even better if it were free? Well then this is the contest for you! Betsy and Shanna are being total dolls and giving away a personalized Lace and Fox Valentine to one lucky reader! Leave a comment below with what your favorite part of Valentine’s Day is, and you could win! This is a quickie contest so don’t wait…the winner will be announced on Thursday!

[image from hello handmade]

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  1. jaimi

    The valentine is lovely! My favorite part of Valentine’s Day are all the yummy sweets, particularly chocolates! Bonus points for when all the candy goes on sale the following day…

  2. Brianna

    My favorite part of Valentine’s Day is just the love. I know a lotta people say that it’s a commercial holiday made by Hallmark but why not have an official day to tell someone you love that you care about them?

  3. Emie

    My fiancee and I have been dating for 7 years. We have this tradition we do every Valentine’s day (since back in 2001)…I make a surprise dinner and he surprises me with dessert! He’s not allowed in the kitchen until it’s ready and plated. Then after dinner I get to relax with a glass on wine while he prepares dessert. My favorite so far has been fondue! Last year he cut up lots of berries and even had my favorite, pound cake!!!
    I love being surprised and I love being with him even more!

  4. While I do think Valentine’s day is a Hallmark holiday, my favorite part is sending little gifts to the important people in my life to let them know I’m thinking of them!

  5. my favorite part is the little gifts… i usually get something handwritten just for me.

  6. annie

    my favorite part of this valentines day will be finally getting to spend it with my boyfriend…after dating long distance (and spending last v-day apart)i moved to savannah this past spring to be with him. i am so excited to just be able to give him a kiss and hug!!

  7. Lynn

    Valentine’s Day happens to be one of my best friends’ birthdays! Since it’s a holiday, it’s always fun to go the extra step and make sure she feels like it’s her special day beyond the holiday. The best was for her 21st in college when my friends and I planned a pink birthday party for her (since it’s her favorite color as well as fitting for Valentine’s Day) complete with t-shirts styled after the I heart NY but with her initials instead.

    I also love the extra hugs from my fiancé!

  8. Naomi

    My favorite part of Valentine’s Day is digging out my little box of cards from when I was in elementary school. My mom saved a bunch of them and it’s so cute to look back at them and remember how happy we all were staying up making them and then delivering them to everyone’s “mailbox” in school. So sweet!

  9. Lindsay H

    Valentines day is more than one day in our relationship…we try to do little acts of love all the time for each other. It is a fun, but often overrated holiday, that is only made special with handwritten notes and love letters~

  10. Vilija

    For some reason, I absolutely adore Valentine’s day. I collect and send Valentines to my friends and family, but could not top the lovely handmade valentine by the ladies at Hello Handmade. The letter makes me smile and I know that it could pink up the cheeks of my fiance.

  11. cari

    my favorite part of valentine’s day is making little gifts or cards with my daughter for her to give. i LOVE any excuse to be “get crafty” with her.

  12. Anna K. A.

    My favorite part of valentine’s is that your valentine can be anybody and everybody. When I was little I would ask everyone I knew to be my valentine and it was more a holiday of sweetness than romance.

  13. Samantha

    okay, i was *just* about to order one of these. as in, the tab is still open in my browser and i have half of my info filled in. and of course, the best (okay, my favorite) part of valentine’s day is making and delivering homemade valentines.

  14. laura

    The absolute best thing about Valentine’s Day are the boxed sets of Valentines! You know… the ones that your mom bought for you as a kid, that you would sift through, making sure that only the *right* people got the “Be Mine” cards? Now that I’m long past the primary school days, I like to go pick up dinosaur-themed V-day cards and drop them in my friends’ mailboxes!

    Also, I have a personal tradition going way back to my single days that the week of V-day was a “Pink Panty Blitz,” where I would wear a new pair of pink underwear every day!

  15. Sarah T

    My favourite part of Valentines Day is the snuggling and cooking and eating and talking and dancing with my boy on that special day in the middle of winter – reminding me that summer will come again and we have each other to keep warm until then. Anything I can do that day to remember how very lucky I am to be loved and to love is very special.

  16. Maria

    Valentine’s day is the day I first kissed my now-fiance! Of course my favorite part now is re-creating that first time.

  17. Britta

    I absolutely love sending handwritten notes to my sweetie, my sister and my friends for Valentine’s Day. The Hello Handmade cards are so cute and I just know that people will feel loved receiving them.

  18. bean

    I love Valentine’s Day for the pink, red, hearts, lacy things… Basically an excuse to be a complete romantic, girly-girl for a day!

  19. Lindsay

    We go out for breakfast every Valentines day. Eggs benedict and a bloody mary….ummmmmmm.

  20. Jess

    Setting up silly pranks for my fiance – I’m decorating his desk with origami icosahedra this year!

  21. Kristen

    Chocolate and Love.

  22. renee

    i love saying i love you to my fiance over and over until it drives him crazy =)

  23. Stefanie

    the chocolate!

  24. Jenna

    My friend has a really sweet tradition with her husband: she gave him (or he gave her, I can’t remember) a card on their first Valentine’s Day and every year since then the card is given to the other person, swapping each year, with a new message. Now they’re married, with a daughter and another on the way!

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  26. celeste

    the memory of creating the “Valentine’s Box” in elementary school.. the one your classmates put the valentines in, and there was always a class competition for the best box. One year I hand cut probably a thousand pink heart-shaped shingles for my little Valentine House, complete with cut out windows and drapes! I loved it. I knew I would win.

    ..and I think I lost to the Valentine’s Robot that year.

  27. LaurenB

    I’m not much of a romantic, but my husband is — this is the holiday where he really shines! I love seeing what he comes up with and trying to outdo him.

  28. birdy

    the best part of valentine’s day is that my dad gets everyone in my family flowers (even my little brother). not fancy flowers – those wilty old grocery store flowers. it’s kind of amazing. what makes it hilarious is that my pops is a middle eastern immigrant with no connection to valentine’s day whatsoever…so it’s his own little interpretation of “what you do” on this particular holiday.

  29. The best part of Valentine’s Day for me is sharing my love and admiration with my fiance, friends, and family. I just love seeing everyone’s face light up when they see the way I share my love with them.

  30. Valerie

    I have to be honest — receiving yummy goodies is my favorite part. Last year my honey surprised me with an assortment of delicious cupcakes from Kumquat Cupcakery. I’m hoping to receive another batch this year!

  31. Shelby

    What isn’t there to love about Valentine’s Day? Candies, chocolates, lovely cards…

  32. Definitely sharing yummy things with friends and my fiancĂ©. One of my dearest friends is in Finland, and over there, the day translates into Friendship Day, and it’s not as marketed by corporations. I love that it’s a day when I get to call friends and family and remind them that I love them. I wish there were more days to remind me to do that (I should just put a monthly or weekly reminder in my iCalendar).

  33. Maria

    The best part about Valentine’s day is that my guy cooks for me!

  34. Chocolate! I’m not a huge fan of the candy, but I love the gourmet boxes of chocolates where you have to guess what you are going to eat!

  35. I think my favorite part is more of a favorite memory. When we were young, my Mom had us convinced that there was a valentine genie! She had this canister that we would rub the night before valentines day and say “eanie meanie, valenteenie!” and then in the morning there would be treats from the genie. I know, it sounds really weird and crazy but it was so fun as a little kid! Even after we outgrew the genie, my Mom always made sure that the day was special even if my brother and I didn’t have a significant other.

  36. L

    My middle name is Valentina, so when I was little I associated it with my grandmother’s wonderful sweets she prepared for the occasion (we share the same name). I see Valentine’s day as a commercial holiday, but I still gather with my parents and friends to celebrate my “name day” but mostly to just be together.

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