Pre-wedding festivities: Carrie + Sean

What a way to get everyone in marrying spirit by pitting them against each other in a set of challenges?!  Haha!  Love it!  All the details below.


Carrie and Sean’s Wedding Field Day

From the moment we stepped foot on the grounds of our wedding venue, Mayacamas Ranch, we knew it was made for fun and games. Plus, our friends share our love of silly competitions, so we knew it would be perfect. The idea just kind of came to us that first day – elementary school-style field day.

The idea grew and grew and we realized it would also be a great way for different groups of friends and family to meet each other before the wedding. We wanted to keep the competitions silly (i.e. the javelin was made of foam) so that everyone could compete, but also make the stakes high enough for our ultra-competitive friends (who knew the trophy was going to be a plastic vase from the dollar store filled with beer?).

The two of us, along with our parents and other family members, were referees and all took our jobs very seriously. One team was disqualified for secretly stuffing the foam javelin with a rock. Others lost points for arguing with the judges (hey, it was our day).

We spent a lot of time planning (in Sean’s case, exponentially more than for our actual wedding), and it wasn’t easy. It took a lot of coordination, shopping, keeping everyone’s attention after a couple hours of drinking, etc., but it was totally worth it. Field Day could not have turned out better. Our family and friends loved it and there were a couple of moments we will never forget, such as when Sean’s friends tipped over during the canoe race.

The theme of the day: “Play like children before we officially become grown ups.” 

The events were:

  1. Partner water balloon toss
  2. Foam Javelin toss for distance
  3. Bozo buckets
  4. Race around cones with golf ball balancing on spoon
  5. Swimming race in the pool (the one actual athletic event)
  6. Dive for plastic pool toys
  7. Canoe race (doubles)
  8. Sponge relay
  9. The Eliminator. For any guys whose wives are showing them wedding blogs, yes that Eliminator from American Gladiators where the “Gladiator” or team in this case that’s behind has to start later but whoever finishes first wins the whole competition. This was important because even if a team was way behind, they still had a chance at the end.

[images from J Wiley Photography]

  1. That’s where I got married! Definitely the perfect place for this. It felt like summer camp. Love it!

  2. Jen

    Such a fantastic idea from a fantastic couple! Excited to see it here on BB!

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