Nelle entries [3]

I love how Michelle B brought in some succulents and neutrals to this board!

First Row : This was a wedding I found on SMP, wedding by Cotton Idea Studios
Second Row: Photo by Jose Villa, pulled from oh my deer! Website
Rosazissimo Louboutin’s found on ebay
Third Row: Grey dresses found at retro248/milestones/19160
And of course the Nelle Clutch- Petersham Black!

Vilija’s included lots of neutrals with pops of bright colors!  Her bridesmaids are all wearing grey dresses and they get to choose a bright color to accent it with!

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  1. sarah

    The grey dresses in the third row are so cute. Typcially I am not a fan of a mish mash of styles but somehow that is the best I have seen the buy your own dress style just match the colour get up.

    By the way, what is the name of the flower, top row, green, in the middle of the bunch and looks like a lotus (but is not)? Do you have any idea? It’s striking.

  2. Wow, I love everything about that board! The neutrals paired with the bright pops of color is amazing!

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