Nelle entries [1]

Anne came up with one of my favorite boards…incorporating all the colors for the bride who just can’t decide!

1. Bridesmaids dresses from J.Crew 2. Table setting from Rebecca Thuss 3. Square bangle set from Banana Republic 4. Butterfly-printed silk wedding gown from Colleen Quen Couture via

Katherine’s board was just a dreamy piece of wonderful!

Top Row from Left: table settings via Toast & Table, dress by Vera Wang, olive tree photo by Magic Fly Paula,
2nd Row: photo by unknown, photo by Once Studio, dress via Ebay
3rd Row: clutches by NELLE, save the dates by Kate Sawyer, table via Domino
4th Row: flowers by House Martin, horse photo by Punam Bean, photo by Kate Sawyer, chandelier via Coty Farquhar
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  3. i totally envy people who can be bold enough to pick ALL the colors!

  4. Just came across your blog today and love it! LOVE LOVE love your slogan!! Made us laugh. We love those who like to stay away from pink flowers and poofy dresses. Lol! -JG

  5. rachel

    This is fantastic! Can anybody tell me where that sweet little flower ring came from? I’d love to see more jewelry like it!

  6. oh snap! i still can’t decide even now. 😉 thanks for featuring my board. those nelle clutches are to die for…

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