Nelle entries [7]

Cozette’s entry really brightened up my day…its the perfect shade of yellow!

Lisa’s board takes on yellow in a slightly different way….

Dress and Ruffle Bolero by Elizabeth Dye
Arrangement by Ink & Peak
Necklace by Hazel Cox via Lille Boutique,
Shoe by Coclico
Flower Hairpiece by Twigs and Honey
Earrings by Sara Barner
Billy Buttons and Sienna Miller via google images 🙂
And of course, Nelle.

Ahh, yes, some more delicious yellow! Sarah’s is a modern take on the color.

Cake: by Lovin Sullivan
Invite: Lisa Hoffman of Ceci New York
Clutch: NELLE handbag
Ring Pillow: bklyn pillow
Flowers/boutonniere: by Donna at Beautiful Blooms/photo by Amanda
Kraft Photography
Shoes: Orchard Cove Photography
Bouquet: Ines Del Mar Weddings Magazine

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  1. oooh i love how bold that last combo is…

  2. Wow, Lisa’s board (the middle one) makes me want to change my wedding theme…
    I don’t know where to start… The rustic-chic vibe is fabulous… The hair, the necklace, the shoes (so cute, yet comfy – your BMs will love you!)… I love it all…
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Just wanted to let you know that I love your blog & I added you to my list of favorite wed-blogs 🙂

    -Chrissy From the Perfect Palette.

  4. The yellow is stunning!
    Certainly not something I would have thought of, but loving the combination of the yellow and black in the last moodboard is so striking.

  5. Kate

    That last one is mine but my name’s not Sarah!

    hahah…its okay….but I forgot to say the dress is from anthropologie of course!

  6. Janie

    What a lovely surprise to see my “yellow floral” bouquet on this beautiful board..the one from Ines Del Mar…YAY!!

  7. alissa

    What are the sources for the first board. I love it! That invitation is amazing!

  8. roro617

    I second the first board sources-where are they? I also like the invite.

  9. pv

    i love the yellow shift dress in “bridesmaid inspiration board”. do you know who makes it?? thanks!

  10. pv

    ooops, nevermind! thought dress and bolero were from the same picture. i see it’s also elizabeth dye.

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