I recently received a package of yummy cookies from Erin at O’Cookies.  Being that they are healthy [no trans fats and organic] I was a little skeptical about the taste…but having sampled the White Chocolate Cranberry Oat and the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Oat, I’m a total convert.  You won’t have to feel guilty about giving these little guys as favors to your guests!

O’Cookies is our original line of decadent healthy treats. Offered in a few varieties of wholesome flavors, O’Cookies prides itself in the fact that all cookies produced are completely organic and low in fat and cholesterol. Oh, yeah, they also have no trans fats, or hydrogenated oils…

Only the highest-quality chocolates and naturally dried fruits are used. Our cookies are made with a whole wheat flour blend for optimal health, unrefined sugars and egg whites only. Very little butter is used along with fruits that keep O’Cookies down in the fat and cholesterol content and only contain “good for you” calories to get you through your day and satisfy that hungering for something sweet.

[image from O’Cookies]

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  1. Those look so good – I love ‘healthy’ cookies!

  2. caren

    hi carly-
    i am getting married at galapagos on 7/11 and applied for permit for the same spot by the beach/bleachers, chuppah and all…..were u worried someone else might have gotten a permit before u? also, another couple bacd out of galapagos on the 11th so they might have applied before me and might not even be using it….any suggestions?

    i am calling litchfield villa in the morning b/c i can’t wait 30 days to find out if i have secured that area.

    thanks and ur wedding looked awesome!!

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