Flowers for the aisle


The aisle is a perfect place to make a statement about the feel of your wedding. If you’re looking to really make a statement about your modern wedding, here are a few things to try to make your unique.

1. (top left) Use petals to make a design lining the aisle. Use different colors to create patterns.

2. (top right) These floral balls are a perfect way to be modern yet romantic. They’re the perfect amount of fun!

3. (bottom left) Sweet and simple bouquets tied to the chairs made with unusual and minimal flowers create a perfect modern statement.

4. (bottom right) Line the aisles with masses of flowers for decadent yet clean look.

by Brittany Watson Jepsen of The House That Lars BuiltĀ 

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  1. Sanng

    Love the idea of Petals for aisles. EAGERLY awaiting my rose petal wedding aisle runner from Petal Happy! Getting custom colors to match my girls’ wedding dresses – every detail counts!

    I love the one in the top left. It was really hard for me to decide between getting a petal cutout design or going with the full petal runner, but I think it’s a more dramatic look. Hopefully my pics will look as beautiful!!!

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