Last day for Google Reader


Like many of you, I’m pretty devastated that Google Reader will soon be no more as of Monday.  I was a slow adopter but once I started, it was hard to look at blog any other way.  I’ve held on til the bitter end, but if you need somewhere else to find your BB fix, you can subscribe via Feedly or Bloglovin’ (email subscription is coming soon!).  I still haven’t made up my mind on which I prefer for myself, so I’d love your thoughts!  Which do you prefer?

Happy weekend!

[image via my Instagram feed]

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  1. I echo Julian– I prefer feedly. It seems that a lot of bloggers have started pushing Bloglovin’, but I prefer feedly’s interface.

  2. I use an app on my iPhone to aggregate blog feeds. I never did use google reader so I won’t be missing much but others seem to be very distressed about this. RSS

  3. Sara

    I have definitely been more of a bloglovin’ fan lately… will miss google readers though. Such a shame!

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