Rozier weddings

Cool wedding eh?  Not enough people tie those metal cans to their cars anymore….I think we should bring it back!

[images by John Rozier]

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  1. cute couple.

  2. ann

    where was this wedding? love the church! some details, please!

  3. Wow, love her combination bird cage and long veil! Such a great compromise!

  4. Lovely images!!

  5. jenn

    does anyone know where she bought her veil? it is beautiful!

  6. Britta

    Wow. Beautiful. All of the guys have really interesting hair.

  7. Beautiful pictures! I love love her veil!

  8. Eve

    I agree about the cans tied to the getaway car. I’m all over that idea!

  9. Ella

    I love her shoes…any idea where they’re from?

  10. Anna

    And her dress is gorge! Does anyone know who made it?

  11. i agree! cans + cars = lovely!

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