Paper to Petal giveaway!

paper to petal

People….I’m not lying to you when I say that when I saw Paper to Petal was finally coming out, I ordered a crap-ton of crepe paper & coated wire in anticipation.  Like, a LOT of crepe paper.  Its obscene really…but I think it proves how exciting this book is.  There are tons of great ideas that are perfectly workable into all your wedding events, from the shower to the reception, to even your bouquet!  Its all organized and written in a clear way so you should be on your way to making gorgeous flowers in no time.

So here’s your chance to win your very own copy….leave a comment below with what YOU’D make paper flowers for and a winner will be picked at random.  Winner announced on Friday!  (If you just can’t wait, you can grab a copy here)

paper to petal

[images by Vané Broussard]

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  1. Jess

    I have a mirror near my door that could really use a plant I can’t kill 🙂

  2. Mary

    A made a bunch of paper flowers for my best friend’s upcoming bachelorette party and fell in love with this DIY! I live in a warehouse-like apartment in Brooklyn with a stairwell that could use some help. I’d fill the walls running up the flight of stairs with colorful paper blooms on both sides.

  3. I would make an entire window display of paper flora!

  4. Jane

    i would love to make a trim for our windows!

  5. I would make paper flowers for my upcoming wedding in May.

  6. I’ve been scouring the web to find non-floral centerpieces because real flowers aren’t in our wedding budget- this would be the perfect solution!

  7. Shoshana

    Those beautiful paper flowers would make stunning decor for the upcoming high holidays!

  8. Katie

    I’d love to cover an entire wall for a photo booth backdrop!

  9. Dale

    My friend’s bachelorette party!

  10. I would make paper flowers…

    1. To all the special women in my life and personally deliver them myself to each person in a colored vase.

    2. Center pieces for a baby shower, bridal shower, a festivity, etc.

    3. Home décor!!!

    4. I have so many more ideas!!!!!

  11. Trish B

    I’d make my own bouquet for my wedding next April!

  12. Genna E

    Definitely using them for my wedding 🙂

  13. Lauren

    My bedroom doesn’t get a ton of light, so it’s not a great space for real flowers — but I do love a good nightstand arrangement.

  14. tiffany

    I would love this book to make paper flowers for my own home decor, as well as for my friend’s twin daughters’ nursery…the girls just came home from the hospital and this would take their nursery to the next level!

  15. Rachel

    My grandpa used to bring my grandma flowers once a week, I’d love to keep up the tradition for her in a new special way and have my daughter bring them to her now.

  16. Marnay

    My sister is graduating with a Master’s degree – and we are throwing her a surprise party! She has a gorgeous staircase at her house, and I would love to decorate it with bold, colorful paper flowers – so she will be blown away when she walks in!

  17. Megan

    This has given me so much inspiration for my daughter’s first birthday. I would love to make some whimsical bouquets to put around the house, and perhaps to decorate the cake with?!?

  18. We just photographed a wedding in Texas where they used paper flowers as part of the ceremony. Not only did the flowers stand up well in the Texan heat, but they photographed beautifully.

  19. Erin

    Oh the possibilities! I’d love to use this for my bridal shower and wedding next year. DIYummy!

  20. I would make paper flowers for my best friend’s baby shower!

  21. I love having dinner parties for all my girlfriends. Wouldn’t each lady look adorable with their own flower for their hair?!

  22. Bobbie cole

    I want to make paper flowers as placeholders on the napkins at my wedding reception!

  23. I work with a faith community that explores and expresses its spirituality using the arts. Learning how to take the prayers of the community written on different kinds of paper and make those prayers into flowers to add beauty to our post-industrial worship space would be awesome!

  24. theresa moore

    I would decorate my daughters new bedroom—filling an entire wall!!

  25. tk

    think they would make a great art piece for the bedroom!

  26. Andria

    I’d make paper flowers for a traditional mexican fiesta, to go along witt the mariachi band and taco bar

  27. erica

    I would make them for my wedding coming up this october!

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