Turn your food into cake


I’ve been spotting some of my favorite foods posing as wedding cakes lately. Who doesn’t want a donut tower?! The jist is simple: take your favorite food, stack it on top of each other and boom, you’ve got a cake. For those averse to baking (ahem, me!), it’s the perfect solution.

  1. Croquembouche is a traditional French wedding cake make of pastry balls and caramel. This one is the easy version: donut holes!
  2. Rice Krispy cake. All about my childhood favorite.
  3. Macaron cake. Build them in different shades to add to the decor of your wedding.
  4. Donut cake tower.Try making them in different flavors so your guests can experiment.

by Brittany Jepsen of The House That Lars BuiltĀ 

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