Lily Szabo Photography



Lily Szabo Photography is all about capturing the real you.  My focus is creating a photographic memory of your day.  The colors, the people, the moments.  The details.  The rings, that smile, the dog. The ability to work in the background while capturing the beauty of
your day is my specialty.   I began my career as a fine arts photographer, but jumped into wedding photography when I realized how
much I enjoy connecting with people on their happiest day. Putting nervous couples at ease, working with anxious moms and dads and
getting everyone to relax and forget that I’m there is one my special talents.

A little more about me.  Outside of wedding photography, I also shoot corporate events (like the Playstation 4 launch for Sony) and styled
shoots (like KEF’s winter 2014 campaign).  I love living down the shore but travel whenever I can.  My husband, Matt, and I have two
trouble-maker dogs and love going to punk rock shows together (us, not the dogs – but maybe they like punk rock too).  Other than that I’m a big geek who spends her day surfing Reddit, reading about the newest in tech and talking to interesting couples!







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