The Adventure School

I recently found out about The Adventure School out in Seattle by Dorothée…she always sends me the coolest links from the west coast!  The Adventure School was founded back in 2006 by Cori and Aviva, and they’ve been planning cool parties and fundraisers ever since…these photos are from See Listen Taste Feel, a benefit for The Henry Art Gallery.  While its not a wedding, there are always ideas you can pull away from ANY event.  I love the idea of bringing in fun ways to get people to interact with each other…if you’ve got the space, totally bring in a ping pong table!

[images from Jenny Jimenez]

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  1. Cori + Aviva are awesome. If you are looking for event planning outside the box…they are your gals! Thanks for sharing Vane.

  2. the cakes with the macarons on top are show-stopping structures!
    I have never heard of adventure school before. Thank you for sharing the concept. So creative

  3. So happy to see the Adventure School get the love they deserve. Those ladies are creative geniuses!

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  6. That is so amazing! I love the centerpieces.

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