Malcolm Betts

Chad and I walked into Barneys when we first started dating, saw engagement rings by Malcolm Betts, and knew that this was the the engagement ring I would get. The woman at Barneys told us that all his rings are handmade and use vintage stones, which was nice to know, because it gives the jewelry a history, and we dont have to worry about contributing to the whole blood diamond trade. What I love most about his rings, and especially my engagement ring, is that its not your standard Tiffany 6 prong setting…I’ve never been able to fathom having a stone being set inches away from my actual finger! I could poke my eye out in my sleep! My ring has a low bevel setting, and looks modern while retaining its handmade charm. Suits me perfectly! (mine’s the center one above!)

[images from Malcolm Betts]

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  1. carnationgal

    Hey Brooklyn Bride,

    Just found your site, which I’m so enjoying, and I’ve been going through some of your earlier posts. As for Malcolm Betts, we choose his designs for our rings, too (both his and hers). Mine was a princess cut diamond and a thin wedding band with 5 tiny diamonds. He got the solid, thick ring with gold inside. Much more traditional than I thought I’d go, but it’s still got an edge. I knew right away that his designs were for us..and best of all it’s not something I’m afraid to wear. Good luck with the rest of your planning. I’ll be reading along.

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