Jimmyjane giveaway

Jimmyjane is a company well known for their sexy products, loved by both men and women!  Their website has tons of things you can buy the bride in your life for her bachelorette party, or as gifts for your bridesmaids if you love making them blush!  Today Jimmyjane is giving away a white suede and silk blindfold and Ember massage candle [its doubles as massage oil when you burn it!] to one lucky winner!  Just leave a comment below with what you do to bring some romance to your relationship, and the winner will be announced on Friday.

[images form Jimmyjane]

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  1. Brittany

    We are both quite busy, so we make it a point to set one evening aside a month for a fun and romantic date. What we do on that date varies, but it is always good to have some couple time together – just the two of us.

  2. Lisa

    At times things can get kind of hectic and stressful. We give each other back rubs to work out the kinks and knots from everyday life.

  3. What a great site. I love it all! We are both crazy busy but we make sure to have at least one official date night each week where we get dressed up and go out to dinner like we did when we first started dating.

  4. bbx

    Have date nights, and always surprise him with new lingerie once in a while, cos it really does a lot 😉

  5. Lauren B

    It may sound silly, but we always touch our feet in bed before we fall asleep. It may not sound that romantic, but it means a lot to us!

  6. Alli

    We make a point of sending little messages to each other throughout the day. Even though I know he’s thinking of me, and he knows I’m thinking of him, it makes a difference to actually get a little note! It makes us really anticipate and treasure the time we have together.

  7. I love the simple forms and materials, it’s like modern art for the bedroom!

  8. Christine

    this product combines my 2 favorite things…massage and candles!!! love this!

  9. Jordan

    We cook! It may not seem terribly romantic, but our favorite Friday night activity is coming straight home from work, putting on our pj’s, opening a bottle of wine, turning on iTunes, and spending the next 3-4 hours making a delicious meal. To us, food is a labor of love and we both feel that cooking for each other is such a display of love.

  10. I pay attention to what he likes and doesn’t like when he is talking about things. I randomly will use this information to surprise him with little treats from time to time. Sometimes it’s something mundane like when he was craving Peeps, but sometimes I surprise him with those Peeps in the bedroom in a creative way. 🙂

  11. amber

    I love making dinner together. Setting up at least one day out of the week to get together in the kitchen. Cooking together can be so sexy and make the meal taste even better! We are out of state a lot, so when we’re apart, we send cute little text messages, quick phone calls just to say hello, and at night we sometimes drift off together on the phone before hanging up. Communication is key, anything that keeps you connected can be incredibly sexy and romantic. Thanks!

  12. Lindsay

    I travel for work often. Before I leave on a trip, I will hide little notes or gifts around the house. Then, I call him and tell him where to look! He’s started hiding things in my suitcase too!

  13. Taysha Urquhart

    We don’t live together yet, so we try to make time to have a home cooked dinner and watch a cheesy movie at least once a month.

  14. Have a hobby/activity you both share. We enjoy cooking, soccer and taking our dogs on walks.

  15. Love the blindfolds! So fun!

  16. Carly

    Oooh I love the simplistic, organic look of these!!
    We are poor college students getting married in June- We love to make romantic date nights at home with picnics in my living room 🙂

  17. Sarah

    My fiance and I live over a thousand miles apart, and emails and phone calls are great for keeping in touch, but writing each other old-fashioned love letters brings a sweet sense of romance to our relationship. Nothing makes my day like getting a letter from him in the mail!

  18. Jessica B

    I’m feelin’ naughty…

  19. Jennifer N

    I love to dress up in lingerie for my honey! We like to keep things spicy in the bedroom.

  20. jen

    After 9 years of dating, i am marrying my best friend next month. Romance has always came easy to us and we never had to put much effort into keeping the “spark” alive. I know what he likes, and he knows what i like and it varies day to day. On any given day we may cook together, i might get flowers, i may give him a sexy massage, we make out in the movie theatre, he may buy me lingerie, i may whip out the handcuffs, ill write him a love letter, he will write me a song. I guess you would say we mix things up 😉

  21. He always holds me extra tight before we go to sleep. It’s such a nice a relaxing way to end a stressful day!

  22. In a non-kinky way (and sometimes in a kinky-way) we love to teach each other new things. There’s nothing as sexy as someone wowing you with something new. He taught me how to to cook. I taught him how to taste wine. He helped me train for a 1/2 marathon. I taught him karate and ballroom dance. We have spent two years reading our favorite books to each other. When we run out of things to teach each other, we are going to start learning new stuff. Top of the list: Salsa lessons and sushi making!

    We sound cheezy, but I’m no making this up. haha. I love him.

  23. P.S. We’re getting married in October!!! Whoohoo!!!

  24. These are indeed sexy white products.

  25. Lindsay H

    Intentional time to spend doing what we each love and find relaxing is honoring and fun! Whether that is getting a back rub or laying on the sand watching the stars… we find romance in the everyday little things~!

  26. serving each other is very romantic. like this morning, when my husband made us some tea and we drank it together

  27. Beth

    we have never had jobs with the same schedule until just recently. so our most romantic moments are saturday mornings. being able to wake up in the late morning still cuddled together and in our pjs. not rushing out the door to get to our jobs. its the best!

  28. Leah

    We love to have a long, relaxed dinner and share a bottle of wine that we’ve never tried.

  29. We try to have a date night at least once a week. Go to a nice dinner, drink some wine, and spend time together relaxing! It’s much needed at the end of a busy week.

  30. Erin

    What a great giveaway. We play golf together as our thing–he has played golf his whole life and is really good. I had never played, but he’s teaching me. It’s actually really fun and quite romantic to do something new together. Of course going out to lunch afterward is always a nice addition to the date!

  31. Ayana

    Couple massages! He didn’t get massages before he met me, but now he’s addicted. Once a month, we have two masseuses come to our house for a couples massage. We love being in our own space, and it’s a great way to wind down and relieve stress. We now look forward to the quiet intamacy of it.

  32. Megan

    He works nights and I deliver newspapers (at 3AM) and I go to college full time and we own a business together, which when we’re not doing our other jobs– we are doing that. So any time we are together or able to talk to each other is so very special. We do a lot of “free” things, like go to parks, cook (he just watches — we don’t want any fires!), borrow DVD’s from friends to watch (while cuddling of course 🙂 ), etc. But, my favorite thing of all is listening to him talk– even if we can’t be face-to-face. I love his voice.

  33. Lorena B

    I give my hubby a candle light massage during the week and sometimes I put a little love note into his lunch box 😉

  34. Naomi T

    It might sound silly, but we always say I love you right before we fall asleep, not something we say every minute of the day to each other. We always go to sleep & wake up with a smile!

  35. Kate

    We have a couple of silly mushy games we do that I will not reveal (very mushy ahhah) but we have crazy work schedules but we make sure to sit down and have dinner together….even if it is at 11:00 at night.

  36. meg hanceford meyer

    doubles as massage oil…this is something i must see, win or not!

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  38. Ritz

    When we first met, my fiance always tells me that he fell in love with me because I was such a funny girl! He always said I make him feel like he is a school boy (lol!). I would always tell jokes and pull lil pranks on him to make him laugh! So every now and then I like to play hide and go seek with him when he comes home from work! As soon as I hear the garage door opening I know its him so I frantically run around our very small one bedroom NY apt and try to find a new hiding spot!!!! He ALWAYS finds me in less than a minute but he really gets a kick out of it and after a hard days work, to come home and find something to laugh at is so relaxing and always puts him in the right mood! laughing to hugging to kissing and flirting!!! Keeps it sexy!

  39. denise

    I have a similar massage candle and we love it! Love it so much that it is almost gone! I’d love the chance to win another!


  40. My new fiance and I just went on a fun romantic weekend away! We decided on a little getaway from NYC for a long weekend in Western Massachusetts. We splurged a bit on a nice hotel with an outdoor hot tub and sauna. We spent time hiking, museum-going, and relaxing at the Inn. It was just what we needed for a little romance-revamp for mid-winter. It was great!!

  41. Today we went sailing together as a couple which I always find romantic. And put what I think of as a very sexy collage of him up on the website. I also drug him into the bathtub with me today 😉 we are very romantic newlyweds indeed

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