1. Thanks for posting about these! I had not heard about them before!

  2. these are gorgeous, I am sending the link to my sweetie now!

  3. tamar

    I LOVE the ring that fits inside the ring

  4. Those interfitting rings are so unique! Love it!

  5. Thank you so much for posting about my work in your beautiful blog!

  6. Really love the necklace. I like the clasp in front especially.

  7. I really would like to see more options. I consider myself an amateur of jewelries. Between the accessories you show i loved the ring it is pretty cute.

  8. Wow! The bottom ones are so amazing. The second one looks a little painful for the groom! A metaphor, I suppose. Its really pretty.

  9. love the rings that slot into each other. and i really love those earrings too.

    x from,

  10. meg

    I found her on Etsy and am planning on using her design for our wedding bands. It was great to see her site and all of her other gorgeous work!

    Wish I could afford to give my bridesmaids earrings from her! They are gorgeous.

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