Wine for a Wedding giveaway

wine for a wedding  wine for a wedding

When it comes to wedding gifts, I really love thinking about the interests of the couple.  Some are big into travel, some are total foodies, and some LOVE good wine.  This year Chad and I have been invited to a few weddings where there are non-traditional registries since their homes are already set up, but rather than sending cash, I'm thinking a Wine for a Wedding box might be the perfect gift.  Its got a sleek modern design that's customizable with text for the 3 wine slots which you can fill with your own wines or purchase directly through the site.  These artist designed boxes are also a great heirloom piece and a gift that will continue to be useful over the years…whether you choose a 1st anniversary, 3rd anniversary, 5th anniversary setup, or something a little longer (even customized) for the couple, I think the couples excitement will build to be able to crack open a celebratory bottle and enjoy reliving their wedding!  The slot covers can also be engraved on the back of each with a personal message from you, whether its a funny memory from the wedding or a few words of wisdom.

Today I'm happy to offer a lucky reader the chance to win one of these gorgeous anniversary boxes from Wine for a Wedding for themselves or as a gift!  Head over to Wine for a Wedding and comment below with your favorite design for a chance to win.  You'll even be able to have the back customized with personal messages!  (Sorry, no wine included)  We'll announce the winner on Friday. CONTEST IS NOW OVER

wine for a weddingwine for a weddingwine for a wedding

[images from Wine for a Wedding]

  1. Chloe

    love the classic trio!

  2. I just know my dear friends Laura and Paul would love the Eat Drink & Be Married design and I would love to give it to them for their wedding in 2016!

  3. Brenda

    I love the monogram cottage box.

  4. Caitlin

    I love the Monogram Cottage box!

  5. Michele

    I love the live laugh love box!

  6. Katie

    The love petals design is gorgeous! My fiancé would approve.

  7. Jaci

    I love the Flourish Anniversary Box!!

  8. Laura

    i love the family vintage!

  9. What an ingenious idea! It’s one of those gifts that will last quite a long time, can be easily customized, and could be easily placed anywhere in the home.

    Love the font choice on the “Eat, Drink, Married” box. Curious to know if they come in different colours for the box though, as the light tan may not suit every couple.

  10. Lea Anna

    I love the simple design of the Classic Trio. Such a great idea!

  11. Lisa DiCarlucci

    I think the classic trio is a fun idea with a modern design. Such a fun gift idea!

  12. Gina

    I love the anniversary ones, but with the date added for each. Ex: not to be opened until 3/1/16, 3/1/20, 3/1/25. Love personalized items!!!

  13. Meg

    I love the Family Vintage anniversary wine box!

  14. Liz

    The would be a perfect gift for friends who are getting married at a winery this summer! I think the Classic Trio is my favorite!

  15. Emily Kittle

    I love the classic trio! What a sweet way to celebrate milestones in your marriage.

  16. Stacey

    Love the Classic Trio and Eat Drink and Be Married!

  17. Maddie D

    Love the monogram cottage!!!

  18. Colleen Driscoll

    The Cara Trees go so wonderfully with our Moss & Birch-themed Brooklyn wedding!!!

  19. I love eat drink married!

  20. Taihla Eddins

    I love the I DO box

  21. Tikay

    the monogram cottage design is so lovely and classic

  22. I’m a sucker for traditions. Love the classic Trio!

  23. i LOVE the family vintage design. Such a wonderful idea!! <3

  24. Danilo

    Monogram Deco