Coffeeshop wedding shoot

coffeeshop wedding

This shoot is just more proof that you can have a chill wedding pretty much anywhere!

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From the team:

The inspiration behind this shoot was simple: We wanted to capture the intimate love and emotion seen between two people in a familiar setting. We chose to shoot this concept in a Richmond local coffee shop, Lamplighter Roasting Co., because of it’s quaint, industrial, and friendly atmosphere. The contrast between the space’s tile and metal composition and the gentleness of the garden picked flowers and re-purposed decorations, brought the charm we were looking for.
Our models, who are very much in love, encapsulated the feeling and emotions we wanted to capture. We chose to dress them in a casual, bohemian, almost hipster style, to stay true to our Richmond surroundings and show that not all weddings have to be all glitz and glamour. In the words of Nicholas Sparks, “Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.”

Photography : Jeffrey OCampo
Styling: The Wedding Rabbit
Florals: Old Time Feeling
Location: Lamplighter Coffee
Hair/Makeup: Go Go Gorgeous
Models: Jessica Filipelli and Matt Stay

[images from Jeffrey OCampo]