Real wedding: Jean + Alex


If you love succulents, then you’re going to LOVE this wedding at Stable Cafe in San Francisco…its got tons of modern details, not to mention the cutest little pup in a tux!

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Jean + Alex’s Intimate Urban Wedding was held at The Stable Cafe. This simple but gorgeous wedding was something they really wanted to make their own. With so many adorable DIY elements in the charming setting of the Stable Cafe, the wedding was such a great reflection of this couple’s style and personalities. Jean + Alex were so excited to serve karaage and ramen for dinner because they both LOVE Japanese food and culture so much. They even went to Japan for their honeymoon! The bride baked 3 types of cookies (peanut butter, salted chocolate chip, and cookies & cream) as part of the dessert table! She loves to bake for people, so of course it was absolutely necessary to do it for her own wedding! The couple also had DIY s’mores boxes for people after dinner, and they were able to toast the marshmallows in the fireplace.They selected all of their own music. From the beginning of the ceremony to the end of the night, and one of Alex’s best friends who loves music put together a hip hop mix for part of the dance portion of the night. Skipping the DJ and allowing friends to help, was a smart was to cut down the cost, but also to make the night more special. For the flower, they secured Ampersand as the florists! They love their shop and their style! The couple made their own vases for the floral artists to use to put a personalized spin on it. The couple immediately felt in love with Lila B’s succulent arrangements all around Stable, and her succulents was the reason that Stable was the first and only venue they visited after getting engaged. The succulent gardens all around Stable adds so much to the ambiance and charming style of the venue!

Photographer:  Milou + Olin Photography//Floral Designer: Ampersand SF//Hair Stylist: Elisia Huck//Caterer: Iza Ramen//Makeup Artist: Kimmy Yasuko//Cake Designer: Pinkie’s Bakery//Event Venue: Stable Cafe//

[images from Milou + Olin Photography]