1. wow! the clouds make the light incredible!! beautiful photos!

  2. Seriously, these are amazing shots! I think most people would have cancelled the shoot on a day like this, but NO! The photos are so lovely and so intimate– did they clear out NYC of its inhabitants for the shoot or what?! =)

  3. Howard Austfjord

    I am so impressed by the sense of serenety you have captured; it seems like the ambience created by your subjects is what you tap into. I went to your site and this is something you tend to do, it seems. That is a talent I would like to have more of in my work.

  4. I’ve never seen anything like these before- I especially love the train station mid-air one! Wow.

  5. Uma

    That sillouette one is the best. Sweet shots!

  6. These are incredible! Does she do weddings, too?

  7. great shoots. love the flying one in the subway!