A plea to my groom

Um, Chad? Could you please drop the “James Bond 007” tux and wear THIS to our wedding? thanks!

[image from NY Mag Weddings]

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  1. akd

    OK – please don’t think I am a psycho, but I feel like we share a brain! Just kidding – but I have had a lot of your same ideas. One of the major ones being that my fiance must wear a James Bond 007 tux. Goodness, how dreamy…

  2. slosydney

    Too true! The groom and groomsmen will be wearing nice suits and ties at our wedding. My fiance looks so handsome in a suit but would look like an oversized penguin in a tux.

  3. Commit.Constantine

    Okay, James Bond for one thing is of the most sexiest men alive. I think the Bond Tux is classy, and sexy at the same time…it all depends on the person wearing it. My Fiancee looks AMAZING in it rather than his suit. 007 forever

  4. longvowels

    My fiancee is going for more of a Steve McQueen look…yummy!

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