Vera Wang

Since finding my dress early on, I haven’t really been paying attention to wedding dresses…what a mistake! I’ve been finding oodles of beautiful and modern silhouettes all over the place! Here’s a couple from the master herself, Vera Wang [Spring 2007 collection].

[images from Inside Weddings]

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  1. Life Design Event Planning

    Why don’t the models ever smile. They are in a wedding dress for god sake. lol

  2. Katie

    my thoughts exactly. It seems to have an opposite effect on me in that it DE-inspires me to want one of those dresses. a pity.

  3. Lynn

    That first girl looks like she just got off her death bed to walk down the runway. lol Why do they make them up like that?
    On the upside, the dress are fabulous. You just can’t beat Vera Wang.

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