1. nic

    It’s interesting to me that so many engagement shoots (and weddings) have almost become theatrical– clothes resemble costumes, images edited to look like a certain period, use of sets– it makes me wonder how these types of photos will be looked back upon. I look at photos of my parents from their wedding and honeymoon and they say ’70s’ in a very sweet way that I love. Will our children look back on our highly styled wedding and engagement photos with confusion? Will they think 2007-2008-2009-etc looked like the 50s or 20s or other decade? It’s just an interesting question– how will this decade be perceived and viewed in the future? Maybe our fixation on styling and creating for the lens will mark it?

    After all that, I will say that I adore that last photo. I see so many engagement shoots that are brooding and unsmiling — these joyful happy moments are the best/most real.

  2. I know these two! What a sweet set of photos for an adorable couple.

  3. TH

    I love her yellow dress, would anyone know where it’s from…?

  4. the vintage look is fabulous. love the final image! the yellows and greens are fantastic!!

  5. Elizabeth

    Hi everyone, thanks for the comments! My yellow dress is from Anthropologie. Nic, I have often though about what you’re saying, and wonder how vintage-style photos will be perceived by future generations. I think the whole thing is more an individual choice. I have always felt that I was born in the wrong era, and I just couldn’t see myself having traditional engagement shots wearing 2009 clothes! I have always loved old-fashioned things and think it’s more important to express who YOU are than what is modern and trendy right now. But I’m glad you raised that point, because I think it does raise some fascinating questions. Good thing we have oodles of other photos of us laying around in jeans, which speak more accurately of this era.

  6. Nancy

    I know this couple too! These shots completely capture their personalities, creativity and love for each other. Beautiful!

  7. gorgeous- so fun. Looking at these makes me wish I’d had an engagement shoot.

  8. Sarah

    Awsome pictures!! I´m left with the feeling of wanting even more! Each pic captures something special and different, and they are wonderful!! I think vintage will always be in style, and thus understandable and reachable to future generations, especially since they will have loads of images to compare these to in the future. In other words, they will know that you chose a vintage look. It is a personal choice and reflects a lot about you and Ethan, and that in itself is an important thing to give over.

  9. Sandra

    Adorable Couple! Where was this?

  10. Elizabeth

    Thanks Sandra! They were taken in Red Hook, Park Slope & Prospect Park.

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