Parcel Post for Brooklyn Bride [no. 07]


Hey everyone…I’m in Vegas this week livin it up poker style, so the fabulous Audrey from Parcel Post will be taking over with some fabulous inspirational posts!

Hello everyone at Brooklyn Bride! In case you haven’t read my guest posts here in the past, my name is Audrey and I have a blog called Parcel Post and a paper boutique in CA called Urbanic. At the shop, I work with many brides to help them find the perfect wedding invitations for their big day. One of the first things I go over with them in our initial meeting is identifying the look and feel of their wedding. Since your save the dates and wedding invitations are usually the first glimpse your guests have into the event, it’s important to get this figured out early on … and this is always the really fun part! I love helping couples conceptualize different looks and ideas based on their style and taste. Over the next couple days while our beloved Vané is out of town, I will share some fresh ideas with you and would love to hear yours as well. The inspiration is everywhere!

post No. 1 Vintage Glamour

• In this lineup, deep dusty pinks, bold swirly fonts, & touches of black for detail •

I have no idea where the adorable photo booth came from… but how cute is this bridesmaids dress?!! The makeup imprintables would make perfect invitations for a shower or bachelorette party. Flower options are many, but should definitely be a little dramatic and a tad sultry. I would love to see some antique golds mixed into this equation.







bride’s maid dress by Ouma • letterpress RSVP set and hanging escort tags by Mika 78 • flower photo by Lori Hildebrandt • makeup imprintable by Snow and Graham • save the date postcard by Mae Mae Paperie

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  1. Tess

    I love those make-up imprintables- I think they’d be perfect for Bridal shower invites…

  2. the photo booth is such a fun idea!! thanks for sharing!

  3. betty lee

    i have a couple of dresses by monique at ouma. she’s a lovely girl to work with and the dresses are fabulously made.

  4. elisabethie

    I just got some new ideas for my friend’s wedding. Thanks so much for this!

  5. I’m just loving those tags!

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  8. you have done great designs.i like your Calligraphy.Thanks for sharing these information.

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