Parcel Post for Brooklyn Bride [no. 08]


post No. 2 Artsy Indie

• In this lineup, bright punchy colors, retro nostalgia, and a little bit of edge •

If you are a creative type, then have a blast with your wedding and go alternative with all the special details! You can make your wedding reflect who you are by thinking outside the box with all of the little elements that shout personality. Why not make some of your own decorations? (but be sure to enlist friends for help!) I love the paint brush idea for the escort cards. It’s so original and the social aspect of guests sorting through the pile is a great mingling opportunity. Escort cards don’t have to be tented pieces of paper. On that same note, table numbers don’t have to be numbers, they can be colors, cities, band names, islands, whatever you want them to be. Your wedding day is the perfect opportunity to create an expression of who you are as a couple.







{paperclip heart photo by Mainmama • turntable save the date and rainbow wedding invitation by Unless Someone Like You • paint brush escort tags by Nicki and Brandon • color labels by Every Jot and Tittle • mix tape invitation set by Studio on Fire

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  1. Tess

    lauren and elliot’s invite is unlike anything I have ever seen. amazing. adorable. sweet. original. go them.

  2. I love those paperclipped hearts! I’m featuring them on my Friday dance!

  3. Just me

    love Every Jot and Tittles work.

  4. KW

    If you have not shopped Every Jot and Tittle, you are missing out. Wonderful design and tools I use all the time for cards, gifts and scrapbooking!

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