Parcel Post for Brooklyn Bride [no. 11]


post No.5 Maps

As many of you already know, a map enclosure is often a necessary part of your wedding invitation set. The best advice I give brides when we are at this point is “do not compromise”. There is nothing worse then being completely wow-ed by an amazing invitation and then having an ugly or technical map fall out. This breaks the flow of the whole look and feel you worked so hard to create. It is always great to order them with your invitation designer but if you are over budget, there are many ways to achieve this on your own. These days there are many online tools to assist you. Be careful to choose fonts and inks to compliment your invitations and be sure to get rid of all access information. The cleaner the better. If you feel intimidated by the process of D.I.Y, hit up a friend that is design savvy and ask them for the favor. You are after all, the bride! Your maps should tie in with the overall theme and appearance of your wedding invitation. Below are some of my favorite map designers…



Megan from Mae Mae Paperie

Kristine Lombardi



Laura Hooper Calligraphy

Check back at 1pm for an extra special post from Audrey!

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  1. i definitely agree about the importance of a good map. laura hooper calligraphy created mine, and i love it!!

  2. very cute!
    I wish more people would have maps. It would definitely help to get the wedding and reception on time.

  3. Thanks so much Audrey for the map shout out!

  4. At you can order a printable invitation map. Printing your own can really cut a lot of the cost out of including an invitation map.

  5. Meredith

    I love the state maps. However, I had to chuckle a little after my excitement dwindled when I saw that my hometown on the Maine map is spelled wrong. It’s “Wiscasset” not “Wicasset”. It’s kind of a silly thing to mess up on, but hey, I don’t actually like it there anyway. Everyone I know calls it either “Pisscasset”, “Wiscashit”, or a combo of the two. Clever, I know…

    LOVELY cards though, I must say. I especially love the coffee ring on the Arizona map.

  6. Nice presentation. I am glad to see all those lovable maps. Very interesting designs. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

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