Being an interior designer can come in VERY handy….this Sunday I’m heading to the NY International Gift Fair to check out all the new goodies coming to stores from my favorite designers! I’ll be posting next week with a full report…stay tuned…..and have a great weekend!!

-if anyone wants to meet up there (that includes YOU sarah!), email me!

[image from Rebecca Thuss]

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  1. perfectbound

    Fantastic perk! Can’t wait to see what you dig up over the weekend. Have fun!

  2. Sarah Dennis

    Hey Vane, what day are you going? I’ll be there as well!

  3. Owen Says

    I hope you are able to take some photos! Since I could not make it to the show I am excited to see the look inside from all the blogs out there. What was it was like to have the Handmade section open two days earlier than the others this year?

  4. I’m going to the NYIGF this August, Do you have any suggestions about the show and the amount of orders to expect?

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