Kate Parker Weddings

If you don’t have the time or energy to put together your own welcome baskets, Kate Parker Weddings will create one for you…they cover a bunch of cities and include things like cookies, mints, water, personalized weddings maps, and visitor guides. Prices are around $32 per basket plus shipping and handling. [even if you dont go with her baskets, you can get some ideas for making your own!]

[images from Kate Parker Weddings]

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  1. Nicole Hefner

    help, brooklyn bride! i too am a brooklyn bride and a long time lurker to your blog! ever heard of a (pretty, classy, bright) blue bouquet? i was thinking dark blue delphinium. any ideas?

  2. Vane

    hi nicole

    i would do a quick search on the knot for bouquets, there were a bunch with blues….some other flowers you could think of are irises, spiky blue thistle, blue hydrangea’s, blue tweedia, and blue nosegay. martha stewart had a KILLER blue nosegay bouquet in her Summer 1999 issue…you can find the image on her website. its my personal favorite.

  3. Pamela

    Those baskets are a great idea!

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