1. Great looking pictures. Love the tattoos…

  2. Really beautiful images! Love this shoot!

  3. Gorgeous photos – love the different angles

  4. V-E-R-Y cool engagement shoot! Don’t wanna get tattoos (ouch) but seeing these pics DOES make me wanna be cool & jump on a bed like you!!
    Also, you’re all the way in Brooklyn, I’m all the way in LA, but just in case you know anyone on the left coast interested in going to a cool bridal show for FREE, please tell them to hop over to our blog where the ($8 in advance, $10 at the door) fee can be waived by them being put on our list at the door. Details: http://www.VeganBride.com
    Thanks & please keep up the great & inspiring work!!
    🙂 Candy

  5. Love the shoes, slip on checkered vans are one of my favorites.

  6. Luna Photo rocks! These shots are so much fun and full of energy! Thanks for sharing.

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