Engagement shoot: Katy + Joey



I can’t wait to see what this wedding looks like!

From photographer Shannon Nicole Smith: The final product from this shoot turned out so fabulously romantic and vintage, but still very fresh and modern. Katy wore two vintage dresses, a vintage flower hair piece, brought daisies in a jam jar (so cute, I know!), and brought along her teal vintage bicycle for a prop. Katy is painfully adorable and her and Joey made the most fantastic couple to work with. It is by far my most favorite engagement session to date, because the clients were so involved in the planning. The vision and theme of that romantic, soft, vintage look was all Katy, and God love her for it.








[images from Shannon Nicole Smith Photography]

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  1. Susan Smith

    Wow ! Everything works, the setting, the props, the clients, the theme… Great shots, thanks for sharing !

  2. So, so cute! Love the detail shots.

  3. Katy is adorable. Such a cute face and that hair. Oh my, I have always wanted red hair. Weird, I know, huh?

  4. SNS

    Thanks for sharing these!

  5. TH

    Love her hair!

  6. What a great shoot–and what a lovely couple! That gal is adorable, so timeless! Good luck planning!

  7. Amy

    This is so cute and happy and comfortable. And I love Katy’s hair.

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