More reader invites!

Diane from Circa1979 sent me some invites she designed for her own wedding…I love the separate RSVP cards! And hey, if anyone out there has got some cool, modern invites you’ve designed and want to show off, send them over!

I’m a graphic designer by day and a bride-to-be at night and took my invitations into my own hands. I bought my card stock and envelopes from Paper Source (my favorite paper store!), and lined my envelopes with Gypsy paper by Pasticcio Prints from Paper Mojo. I fed the card stock through my inkjet printer and created this set for our “big day!” I hand-illustrated both maps, scanned them into Photoshop and then edited them to fit the paper we were using. It was so satisfying and worth the extra work!

[images from Diane] [good luck with the wedding diane!!!]

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  1. Anonymous

    Wow, I love them! Any idea what the font is called that “yes” and “no” and the names are written in?

  2. Lucky Designs

    The invitations are amazing. I love the idea of separate RSVP cards.

  3. jessie doyle

    If by chance it is of interest to any of you Soolip (in California) suggests –in an effort to have an ecologically fair wedding– to forgo
    r.s.v.p. cards. That choice will cut down on paper and help save the planet.

  4. Anonymous

    I just checked out Soolip’s website and they use “the best in unusual and decorative papers imported from around the world”, including “deckle edge paper from Italy” for one of their products. So yes, let’s forgo rsvp cards to cut down on paper, but the paper we do have to use, we’ll fly in from ITALY. Yes, that will definitely help save the planet. Ridiculous.

  5. jdoyle

    I’m a bit confused why you feel inclined to be sarcastic and bitter about Soolip’s idea of a green-wedding.
    Of course you’re right, Soolip indeed seems absurd and silly to suggest a green wedding if they’re flying-in paper from Italy. But perhaps you could embrace the idea of an ecologically friendly wedding rather than snark about Soolip.
    This is not about Soolip and their foolish practices, it is about people like you learning to be considerate to a rapidly disappearing planet….

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