A year ago today, and a binder

Chad and I were on vacation in New Orleans when he proposed to me exactly a year ago today!!!!….funny thing is I totally knew it was going to happen.

We happened on a stationery store on Magazine Street where I found these incredibly cute [and helpful] binders from Russel and Hazel and bought them for my wedding planning even before he popped the question! The large one I bought for all my images, the small one I bought for notes at meetings, and the tote I bought just because. I’ve always HATED those “cookie cutter” wedding planners they have in stores…too girly and frilly…so I just made my own. If you happen to get one of the wedding planners with a 3-ring binder as a gift, definitely use some of those sheets to help get you started in a new fabulous binder, then fill the rest with sheet protectors for your images.

[images from Russel and Hazel]

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  1. jfs

    Let me guess… Scriptura?? I have the same one from the same store:) I love magazine street!

  2. Vane

    yes, it was Scriptura! That place has the best stuff!

  3. G

    Couldn’t agree with you more Brooklyn Bride. Gals, those wedding planners-in-a-box binders are a waste of money. I use Russell + Hazel to stash images and notes with vendors and I love their accordion binders too. They also sell all the “fillers” for the binders–calendar pages, day-by-day pages… Cannot recommend this company enough!

  4. perfect bound

    Agreed. The wedding planning binders are just awful. They actualy work against any inspiration you might happen upon. I love your engagement story Vane. Thanks for sharing.

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