Stitch Collection by Anthropologie

Be still my crafty heart….did anyone else get this postcard in the mail? They literally stitched a beautiful flower into the cardstock! I love it! Invitation ideas anyone?

Anyone, this new collection from Anthropologie is pretty darn special….it even warmed my oh so modern heart for a bit of vintage…lovely for the upcoming cooler days….

[images from Anthropologie]

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  1. Tammi

    Yes! I received the same postcard last night. As a knitter and quilter, I was quite intrigued. That wrap around sweater is a must have. I almost(!) ordered it this morning, but contained myself. And you’re right, that postcard is a good wedding invitation or thank you note idea. I wonder how my machine will handle sewing on cardboard. Hmmm…

  2. miranda

    Was that sent with or without an envelope? I’m planing on stitching on my RSVPs, but am worried that the stitches will unravel or USPS will have a problem with them if they’re not enveloped.

    Stitching on cardstock works fine, tammi–it’ll probably dull your needle, but that’s fixable.

  3. Anonymous

    This collection feels like it could fit into Tera Durham’s book, Loop-d-loop…”knitting with a sense of adventure and a bit of whimsy.” I will definitely check these out!

    I did not receive a card…maybe today.

    Martha B.

  4. Vane

    nope, no envelope. The stitching held up really well to my surprise

  5. jade

    yikes, I can’t beleive I didn’t know about the Stitch collection. Thanks for the info : )

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