i heart the BFF Bridal Event: recap

Oh. My. Gosh. Last night was so fun at the St. Regis!! I got my name written by Bernard Maisner, had my portrait taken by George of Harold Hechler [sorry, no website], delighted in the deliciousness of Ron Ben Israel, Vosges, and One Girl Cookie….and even got to meet some of the people I’ve blogged about! Best of all, I got to meet some great new people, including….[dramatic drumroll please] Darcy Miller from MS Weddings!

Tara + Meredith, I can’t thank you enough for the invite! It was a great event!

[images by Brooklyn Bride]

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  1. Lynn

    I am green with envy! What I wouldn’t give to have this sort of thing in Atlanta.

  2. Sarah Dennis

    Vane, I’m so upset I missed it! I had a work commitment that I just couldn’t get out of. It looks like a fun time was had by all. Thanks so much for the pics of the tablesetting, I loved them and I plan to post it soon!

  3. Sarah Dennis

    I may have missed BFF but I’m not going to miss Dream House!!!

    Vane, are you going to any of the events at Bride(dot)com’s Dream House http://www.brides.com/promotions/dreamhouse

    Events start October 18th!

  4. Blue Orchid Designs

    SO jealous! Everything looks fabulous!

  5. Enjoy Celebrations and Occasions

    Oh am I jealous!

  6. bridalwishlist

    bernard maisner is amazing! his calligraphy is breathtaking.

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