Studio tour: Sweet & Saucy Shop

Sweet & Saucy shop

Name: Melody Brandon
Location: 6400 Stearns Street Long Beach, CA 90815

Company: Sweet & Saucy Shop

Aesthetic: Simplistic, modern, vintage, shabby chic

My studio style conveys my professional aesthetic pretty closely since I like to keep my designs clean and modern looking, but add pops of color and precise details.  I don’t like to overwhelm my work space with too much clutter and business and that is definitely the same with my dessert designs and flavor combos.

My favorite part might have to be my office!  I worked out of a rented kitchen for about 2 years or so before I got my own studio, so I really appreciate having a space of my own where I can bring my clients that shows them who I am as a designer and where we are casually chat while they taste my desserts.

I probably find most of my inspiration from wedding magazines, blogs, fashion, and nature.  I love using elements of fashion or design and creating an edible piece of art that really has meaning to the person who orders it.  We also do a lot of handmade sugar flowers, so nature definitely inspires us all the time.

I could not live with my laptop or iphone!  I use them to get design ideas, chat with clients, and look at gorgeous photos!

Well besides desserts, photography is a huge passion of mine, so just last week for my birthday I bought a professional camera and fabulous new lenses!  I am madly in love with them and can’t wait to get more and more lenses!

Photos by Diandra Ann - August 2009 (44)

Sweet & Saucy shop


Sweet & Saucy shop

Photos by Diandra Ann - August 2009 (83)

Sweet & Saucy shop



More details…

– The adorable kids are my nieces and my little brother and the jewelry is from my sister’s line “SaraRae Deigns”.

– I handmade the lamp shades from a DesignSponge tutorial…gotta love ikea lamps and felt!

– The dessert case was custom made from a family friend.

– My office table is from Anthropologie (50% off =) and then my mother-in-law redid the cushions for me.

– I got most of my frames from Target & Homegoods and then just spray painted them the colors I wanted.

[images from Brandon Kidd Photography and Diandra Ann Photography]

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