i heart the BFF Bridal Event: Vosges

Natalie and Joe from Vosges were another joy to meet [they just got married last month!]! Everyone knows I’m obsessed with their caramels, but darn it if I didn’t love the truffles too! They had these delicious peanut butter bonbons that were essentially an upscale peanut butter cup that put Reese’s to shame, and the Naga truffle of sweet indian curry, coconut, and milk chocolate was phenomenal. I am a huge fan of using their chocolate as favors because their flavors are so different and unique.

[images from Brooklyn Bride]

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  1. Aimee A

    Vosges! YUM! I love them so so much–have you tried their ice cream yet? Unbelievable.

    I have also gotten my mom hooked on the Wink of the Rabbit caramels. So good. 🙂

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