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While perusing Barnes and Noble this weekend, I fell upon BOND Alternative Wedding magazine over in the wedding section. Seeing the 3 different covers featuring gay and straight couples, I immediately bought an issue, ran home, and tore in. I think this is the magazine we’ve been waiting for people!! How great it is to finally see a magazine and website that embraces ALL couples! Issue Zero features an organic, green, and ecological theme. Its a limited edition run of 5000 copies so get yours quick.

Bond features fashion for women and men from the catwalks of Milan, Paris, London and New York, interpreted in a modern wedding setting. Gone are the restrictive norms of traditional dress and the expectations of “something borrowed, something blue.” Bond offers a new look at everything from food and wine to flowers and decor to personalize your wedding to fit your lifestyle.

At Bond we are dedicated to redefining the aesthetics of weddings for the new millenium. We do not seek to change the essence of what a union between two consenting adults means, but to offer a different light on how those ceremonies can be for the modern urban couple.

Bond’s international list of collaborators are gay, straight, metrosexual, black, brown, white, yellow, 25-45+ year-old urban dwellers in the fashion, design and wedding industries. We know our reader because we are our reader. Bond does not offer aesthetic advice that we would not take ourselves.

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  1. Sarah Dennis

    Vane, fantastic fan! I must go to B&N. The marketplace is needing something like this!

  2. bondmag

    Thanks for your great entry, Vane. We at Bond really appreciate it when we see an entry from someone who really gets what Bond is about. Our next issue (Spring 08) will be even more spectacular… sounds like you won’t need a wedding magazine by then, though. Good luck with your wedding.

    Lynn Tsutsumi
    Founder and Editor-in-Chief
    Bond Alternative Wedding Magazine

  3. Chere Amie

    Love it! I’m a little late on responding, but I posted about the magazine on my blog today – with thanks to you!

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