1. Sabina

    pure carrie as far as i’m concerned – love it!! thanks for posting these photos.

  2. Anonymous

    no spoiler warning??!! gaaa! i’ve been trying to avoid all the leaks…

  3. perfect bound

    The veil I can accept. But the dress? If Carrie looks like this, what the heck is Mr. Big wearing?

  4. Lynn

    It’s better than her real world dress. Remember the black?
    I think the dress is 100% “now”, which will look crazy in 5-10 years, but it is very Carrie- over the top fashion

  5. Ellen

    Gah! Spoiler warnings??! ;o)

  6. Christy

    I Love it! So crazy and fab! What else would we expect from Carrie Bradshaw?

    and P.S. I heard that the wedding pics may just be from a dream sequence, so I’m crossing my fingers that it’s true and the storyline is too spoiled! I can’t wait!

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