Porcelain rings from Mixko

porcelain engagement ring

porcelain engagement ring

I thought these porcelain “diamond” rings were adorable alternatives to engagement rings…and much more cost effective!

[images from Mixko]

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  1. They really look fun. I like the 2nd one.

  2. weee! I just opened this page and took a fun gasp of breathe because these are just so sweet! Love them.

  3. These are great! I’m always up for alternatives to engagement rings 🙂 I like to change up my wedding set periodically although I love my Engagement ring. It’s fun to try something different now and again! Super cute!

  4. LaWanda

    I have a very bad allergy to metal and I just got married. I can’t wear the nickel free ring my husband bought me. So this is going to be perfect for me thanks for creating it.It is beautiful.

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